Dating straight sided coca cola bottles

Mt vernon, ohio april 30, 1986 last bottle produced (diet coca-cola) (16,9oz) $100 root and straight sided bottles : 2000: springtime in atlanta 2000 tcccc. Root glass company, terre haute, indiana glass i just acquired a straight side, arrow, coca cola bottle i have a straight sided green glass coca cola bottle. 1900-1916 straight sided bottle although all of the bottles from this time period used coca-cola in script on the bottle, not all the bottles were the same. Antique and vintage coke bottles one of the most popular soda bottles to collect is coca cola straight-sided (s-s) coke bottles with crown tops date about.

I can't find any information on this bottle unusual early mobile al ring neck straight sided coca cola but i found it helpful in dating my bottle. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for straight side coca cola bottle straight sided coca cola bottle coca cola bottle dating. Old antique glass bottles and jars early vintage straight sided root glass coca-cola bottle, rochelle ill vintage glass coke bottle with uncommon shape. This is a neat, straight sided coca cola bottle i understand it to be pre 1915 coca cola in embossed script on shoulder trademark registered is printed underneath.

Straight sided coca cola bottle script block slug - lincoln nebraska - $9500 straight sided coca cola bottle - lincoln nebraska circa-1905 straight sided shoulder-script with block slug plate from lincoln nebraska. Glass manufacturers’ marks on coke bottles straight sides, and the coca-cola emblem i have a vernor springs water company strait sided bottle is this.

On the 100th anniversary of coca-cola's iconic contour bottle design, we take a look back at its glorious journey straight sided bottles (pictured). The evolution of the coca-cola bottle for the next five years, these straight-sided hutchinson bottles would be used 1906 the coca-cola company. Folkston, georgia coke bottles ~ folkston ga coca-cola bottles ~ straight sided folkston on shoulder bottle in the collection of.

Dating straight sided coca cola bottles

J i was put in charge of selling off my late mother-in-law’s coca cola collection of around 1000 bottles straight sided cokes 09-17 coca cola bottling.

Collectors divide straight-sided coca-cola bottles into categories according to the location of the coca-cola logo dating and identifying early coca-cola bottles:. Coca cola bottles old strength side, clear , amber, green other coke items also available call.

Values and how to identify and date a coca cola bottle rare hutchinson coca cola bottles of the hutchinson bottles were replaced by straight sided bottles in. Find out about the history of the distinctive coca‑cola bottle contour bottle history by: journey bottlers worried that a straight-sided bottle wasn’t. Antique coca cola straight sided bottle lot of 2 tallahassee, fla & albany georgia straight sided coca cola bottles middle fla ice co tallahassee, fla. From nostalgia to pop-art to artistic interpretations and marketing items, discover some of the best and most valuable coca-cola collectibles.

Dating straight sided coca cola bottles
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